Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20 of Crumpets 31 DC - Texture

I had sooo many ideas for this day.  I totally love texture!  I love running my finger tips over my nails and feeling something other than just a smooth surface.  I was determined that I wouldn't use any of the OPI Liquid Sands for this, because it seemed too "easy".  I ended up using it anyways :)

I ended up liking this enough to do my right had so I can wear it to work.  So bumpy and beautiful!  Here's what I used.

Without Flash

With Flash
 I started with Milani Hipster Plum.  This is the first time I wore it and I have to say that I may be in love, for several reasons.  First, this is one coat!  I love one coat polish, it saves so much time, however most one coater creams are a bit thick and hard to work with.  Not this one!  The only negative was that it tended to be a cuticle flooder.  The flash pic is a good representative of the color, but I had to show you it without flash in order to catch the glossiness of this polish.  Click on the top pic and you will see my camera and light bulb reflected, almost like a mirror!

Next I stamped with Ozotic Scatter 910 and Bundle Monster BM-209.  I have deep feelings for this pattern, as it was the first one I used to "enhance" my stamping by adding color with a dotting tool to the circles.  This was when I realized that stamps could be used as just the beginning of nail art and change the whole look of what a stamped manicure could be.  That is exactly what I did with this mani.

Without Flash
 I added dots of OPI Liquid Sand Stay the Night and Milani One Coat Glitter Purple Gleam.  Some of the dots did not have the "height" I was looking for, so I went back after dry and added another dot to increase the depth of the texture.  I thought about not adding a top coat so there would be a contrast between the high gloss of Hipster Plum and the matte glitters, but decided against it since the topcoat always makes stamping "pop".

Here's a little comparison of these two "matte glitters" on my swatch stick.  The OPI has less glitter, is a bit more "matte" and is smoother than the Milani, but they are very close in texture.  One last pic to show the texture a bit better, then on to the other texturized manis.