Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 24 of Crumpets 31 DC - Game

Another late post, but I will catch up today!  I feel like my creative mojo has been running a bit low lately, so although there were plenty of easier manis I could have done, I decided to try to create something based on the first video game I was every REALLY addicted to, Final Fantasy X.  When we first got our Playstation, I played this for hours and hours, trying to find every secret, defeat every creature, and steal every treasure (with Rikku's help :)

I pulled a rookie mistake and painted my nails "upside down".  Oh well, I got to enjoy them form my point of view.  For those who don't know this game or it's characters, here is a breakdown of each nail from pinky to thumb.


Kimahri Ronso
 Another semi successful free hand mani!  Now go check all the other game themed nails.