Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Challenge!

When I first started nail blog stalking, I kept seeing posts for a group called Llama NailsThey had great challenges going on all the time, so I finally decided to jump in.  One of the challenges just starting is "Inspired By Artists".  How could I NOT do this challenge?  I have always felt like my tips were my little canvases and you know how I love "inspired by" manis.  Plus, Art History was one of my favorite classes in college.  It is a once a week challenge, so I felt it was doable, even with some of my current challenges.

Week one is inspired by Michelangelo.  Although I know of Michelangelo, even know some of his works, I wasn't quite sure what to do (short of a penis, since he is well known for his male nudes).  I searched through images and decided not to go with a literal inspiration.  This is what I chose as inspiration.

Thought about doing columns, but decided to go with the scallop at the top instead.  Here's what I came up with.

This started with two coats of China Glaze Ingrid.  Let's see a flash photo in order to see Ingrid in all her loveliness.

Ingrid is a lovely brown scattered with a golden shimmer.  She is one of those complicated polishes.  She looks a deep dusky, muddy brown in some lights (as shown in the first pic) and golden brown in others.  I love colors like this, not a polish everyone would wear.  

Finally I added the scallops with OPI What Wizardry Is This, one of my favorite textured, polishes.  Simple, but elegant.  Check the other Michelangelo manis.



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    1. Yep! Some of the artists I may have to do more than one mani cause I can't narrow down what I want to do!

  2. Great manicure. Been struggeling with this one myself. What to paint, what to paint..