Friday, July 19, 2013

Malece in Lace

It's Fashion Friday with another installment of So You Think You Can Dance inspiration!  

I am having the hardest time finding images for the beautiful costumes.  Come on SYTYCD bloggers....someone should create a site dedicated just to the costumes/costume designers right?  Since I can't find a good image, how about a video instead?   Think the dress beautiful?  the dance is even more so!

This started out with three coats of Avon Ballerina.  (How appropriate!)  You have seen me with Ballerina before, one of my favorite nudes.  I used three coats only because I am growing out some horrid staining and couldn't stand it showing.

Next I stamped my thumb and ring with MJ XX and Finger Paint Expressionism.  Here is the full plate and a close up detail.  I really didn't expect this image to stamp as well as it did...all those little tiny lines in the netting.  I found that a light touch rolling onto the nail was just what it needed.  Only wish there was more detail in the flowers, but I can't complain with one more lace image to add to my growing collection.  You can purchase these directly HERE, or from Llarowe HERE.

Finally I stamped randomly 1-2 times with QA46.  I purchased this from Born Pretty.  Right now they have several of their stamping plates on sale 33 - 67% off!  Check it out HERE

What do you think, lovely readers?  A good representation?


Thanks for looking and commenting!  See you next time.


  1. What a pretty manicure. Love the lace.

  2. Replies
    1. It is gorgeous. I wasn't sure with the small details if it would stamp well, but I was pleasantly suprised.