Monday, July 22, 2013

My Favorite Color Combo

Sunday...Stamping Sunday.  Do you hear U2 like I do?  Yes, I do live in my own little fantasy world.  Today's theme is "Your favorite color combo".  Can you guess what mine is?  Want a hint?

My favorite color combo is a bit complicated.  It starts with green...but not any old must be a greyed, muted olive.  Here I used Revlon Muse.

Without a flash, this leans a bit more bluish, but the first photo is more color accurate, for all the colors actually.

Next comes a creamish taupe.  For this I used China Glaze Kalahari Kiss.

Then comes the purple.  Not an in your face purple, but a dusty dark plum.  This is Julep Gabrielle.

Finally, accents of black.  The image I used is from PUEEN26.

So lets surmise.
  1. Greyed olive
  2. Creme Taupe
  3. Dusty deep purple
  4. Black accents
A very specific combo, I know.  Where did it come from?  A shirt my daughter had when she was much younger.  It was striped with these exact colors and I was in love with it.  Now my living room is a replica of that shirt...taupe carpet, one brushed suede purple wall, two olive walls,two purple couches, one black chair and a black TV stand.  And now it is on my tips.  You will see variations of the and purple...throughout this week, so I hope you like it as much as I do.

As always, thanks for looking and commenting.


  1. This is pretty! Looks vintage to me :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! It does look a bit vintage.

  2. It's really beautiful, going to pin you on my stamp board!