Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 Faves - Light Blues

*All polishes purchased by me.  This post does not contain any affiliate links.  I am not compensated for any link clicks contained.*

This day has flown by!  I have some exciting swatching to do tonight that I want to get on the blog tomorrow, so this is going to be another fast one!

Just a reminder.  I always paint to opacity and then add one more coat for the macro pics.  In other words, when it says I used 3 coats, you can usually achieve "in real life opacity" at 2 coats.  In no particular order:

With Flash
Artificial Light

Julep Joanna - 2 coats
Joanna, I can't hear this name without thinking of Johnny Depp.  Yes, I LOVE Sweeney Todd.  Even before Mr Depp became Mr Todd.  Back to the polish!  Joanna is a delicate greyed baby blue frost.  Yep, all that in a gorgeous formula.  Although it is frost, it is a Julep frost, which is not overpowering and DOESN'T show brush strokes.  Plus, this is two coats!  You know what that means, you can get non-pic coverage with 1 coat!  This almost made 1st place for me, it is so striking, yet delicate too.

With Flash
Artificial Light
Macro to show shimmer

Orly Pretty-Ugly - 3 coats
Nothing ugly about this blue!  It is a sweet light sky blue filled with a turquoise shimmer.  So gosh darn....pretty!  It has a very sheer coverage, so you will probably need three coats, macro pics or not.  I painted this over Orly Ridge Filler, my go to base for sheer polish as it has a milky white color to it.  I have been disappointed with Orly's collections in the past, but this year they really stepped up their game and several ended up on my Faves lists.

With Flash
Artificial Light

Zoya NYX - 3 coats
After my excitement about the first OPI Liquid Sands, I was giddy with the Zoya PixieDusts!  Zoya really knows how to do the pastel textured finishes.  This is an almost grey polish, looking like a dusty blue in some lights and a blued grey in others.  The texture is perfect, not too rough or bumpy.  It is, like many of the pastel textured polishes, sheer.  Although I am usually turned off by polishes that need multiple coats, this one is totally worth it!  It also layers very easily.

With Flash
Artificial Light

Superchic Lacquer Funnel Cloud - 3 coats.
You may not know about this yet, but I have a total obsession with copper.  I have sooo many copper polishes in my stash.  Is it any wonder, then, that I love this steel blue pastel filled with a slight shimmer and different sizes of copper glitter?  No, of course not.  This was in Wonder Beauty's Tornado Alley collection and I own almost the whole collection, but this has to be my favorite.  It isn't green enough to replicate a weathered copper statute, but it does bring it to mind.  All of the Tornado Alley collection can be found at Wonder Beauty's Etsy shop HERE.

Natural Light
LynBDesigns Don't Torture Me - 2 coats
Time for the #1 light blue of 2013!  These pics make me cringe!  Once again, I should have reswatched this beauty, but ain't nobody got time for that!  Look at those cuticles!  You've come a long way, baby!  This blue is a stand alone in my stash.  Jenna describes it as a pastel burple, and I would have to agree with that description.  I would also describe it as a greyed neon cornflower blue.  Yep, that's it!  It is filled with translucent matte white flakies.  I get a lot of compliments on the polishes I wear, but this was the one EVERYONE noticed and commented on!  I must this one again soon!  Jenna is one of my favorite indie polish makers as so much of what inspires her inspires me!  You can find her Etsy store HERE.  I just got some from her Baker Street collection and hope to have them on the blog in the next week....along with everything else I hope to have up this week!

I have one more thing for you Honorable Mention.

With Flash
Artificial Light

LVX Celeste - 3 coats
As I was selecting the light blues, Celeste was edged out, only because it is a creme.  Yet I felt the list needed a creme.  Just because I have a penchant for different finishes, doesn't mean that the creme should be left out!  So I give you my first Honorable Mention.  It won't be the last one!  Celeste is a pale celeste blue.  Yes, there is such a thing.  Google it if you don't believe me!  Once again, this is LVX creme perfection, fully deserving of its honorable place!

I have used some of these in nail art, but am in too much of a rush to add them now.  Let me know if you want links and I can add them later!  Thanks for looking and commenting!



  1. I love the Superchic one - just stunning and I have nothing like it in my stash