Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barielle Free Shipping

Just a quick little post to remind you of Barielle's current special, available through 8/21/14!


Just use the code above to receive free shipping and a free nail strengthening cream (.05 oz) with every order.  I love the strengthening cream and keep one of these small tubes in my purse.  I can suggest these products also.

I have been using the fortifying nail builder for several months now on my cinderella hand as the nails on my right hand tend to peel and chip easily.  I have seen a marked improvement, especially with my new growth.  I expect, within the next couple months, as my nails continue to grow, to have no peeling at all.  So exciting!

I use this strengthening cream before bed and not only are my hands moisturized, my nails are healthier than they have ever been, despite all that I put them through.

These polish remover pads are essential for travel.  They are effective and smell like sweet tarts!  They do leave a bit of an oiliness on your skin, but I like it because the cuticles end up so moisturized!

My picks for polish?

Hawaiian Sunset, the perfect orange for all your Halloween nail art needs.

Take Me Shopping is so much brighter than my picture shows.  It is what I would consider a neon coral.

Sexy Mood is the perfect purple, not too dark, not too light.

I Got A Headache is the perfect fall toffee brown!

You can find all this and more at the improved Barielle website HERE

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  1. Thanks for letting us know! Those are some nice picks of your favorite Barielle colors too.