Sunday, August 31, 2014

Double the Challenge Fun

Quick post.  Have to take Bria's boyfriend (wincing just thinking about it) home.  Today I have a two-fer.  Negative space for Finger Buffet and "over stripes" for Adventures in Stamping.

Mixed feelings about this one.  Like the concept.  I think the two colors are too close and I chose the wrong image to stamp.

Started with two coats of Essie Cabi-O-Lait, added striping tape and then Crows Toes Birthday Suit.  Looks like I let it dry too long.

I applied top coat, reapplied striping tape, then stamped over it with PUEEN SE03B (top left corner) and my go to black, Finger Paints Black Expressionism.

I think the image was not recognizable enough.  I should have chose an argyle pattern or something.

This turned out the opposite of what normally happens.  The DMPs don't look too bad, but IRL it just looked like a mess.

Oh well, lesson learned.  I will definitely be visiting this idea again, hopefully with better results.  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. So cool that the stamping is separated with those lines.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I think it would work better with a more recognizable image, but I am always hard on myself that way.

  2. Tina, DON'T be so hard on yourself! This really looks awesome! And it inspired me to try this myself! I really like the subtle feeling of this!

  3. great mani, it is really interesting to look at :) !