Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time for a Tea Party!

Another month, another theme for The Nail Challenge Collaborative.  This month the theme is "tea party".  Once again, I kinda love this prompt.  I never was a tea party girl when I was little.  I didn't dress up or play with Barbies, either.  My spare time as a little girl was spent reading everything I could get my hands on, including the insert in my mom's tampon box.  Explains why I was terrified of tampons :)  I had a tea set though, pastel and girly, it basically collected dust.  This is based on what I remember it looked like.

I started with three coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff.

I added Julep Hayden at the tips and cuticle.

I stamped over Hayden with NOPI Selena and moYou Frenchy-01.  Tiny dots crowded close together.  Perfect!

Then I screwed it all up...well a bit.  I should have just freehanded (is that a word?) some roses, but instead I made stamping decals with Messy Mansion MM07.

I then added a border with Cult Nails New Day.

Although It is sloppy, it reminds me of that cheap plastic tea set I had, poorly made, poorly recreated :).  Thanks for looking and commenting.  Don't forget to check out the other tea party nail art!

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