Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tea Cup Inspired Nail Art

July zoomed by, but August is crawling.  I think there is a couple of reasons.  First, is that our 20th anniversary is at the end of the month, and although we don't have distinct plans, I have a whole week off!  We are talking about going to the north shore for a few days.  Kinda playing it by ear since we are not sure what days Scott will be able to take off.  Having something to look forward to is slowing down time and making the days drag by.

The second reason is another "looking forward slows the days down".  In November we will have all of our credit card debt paid off.  We have been chipping away at it for three and a half years and will make our last payment in three short months.  But the days are stretching and making it hard to wait.  With a huge chunk of our income no longer slipping through our hands (more than our mortgage, if I can be honest), it will create such monetary freedom!  Just in time to look at college loans :(  We have some other plans also, doing work to the house that we have been putting off.  A vehicle for the dear son is in the plans too, although he is only getting a junker.  We have even talked about getting me a new car and Devin can have the van, but we are trying to be very careful not to go right back into debt again!

What I am trying to say is that I have a hard time believing that it is only the second week of August and I am already posting my second Nail Challenge Collaborative mani!  I almost saved this for my last one, because you should always save the best for last, right?  I think I may have one coming up that I will like more, though.  Let's take a look.

I really ended up loving this one.  Don't know why.  Not perfectly executed or even that ingenious.  It just ended up looking like exactly like what I imagined, a delicate flowered and gold banded teacup.

I started with three coats of this unknown blue Essie.  I think it is Bikini So Teeny, but, since it came in a grab bag with no label, I can't be sure.  Do you have BST?  Is this it?

I stamped with My Online Shop MJ XX and Konad Special White.  This is an old, flawed version of the plate.  The new one does not have this image, which I think is sad. It is beautifully delicate.  Yes, the roses may not be perfectly etched, but that is fine with me.  You could always add details to them after you stamp.  So glad I have this plate, despite it's flaws.  If you want to see the new version, you can find it HERE.

I wore this as is for a couple of days and decided it was not what I wanted.  I originally was going for a Wedgewood look.  Purdy, but it ended up a bit to busy for me.  I decided I really wanted to  evoke an antique china look.  So I pondered and searched images.  I never found exactly what I was looking for, but all the gilt trimmed pretties inspired me anyways.  Did you know that cups and saucers used to be trimmed in silver and gold because it was believed to kill germs?  Plus it is pretty!

I ended up adding large french tips with the same Essie blue and then adding some gold stripes.  I am much happier with this look and wore it for another two days.  That may be a record! 

I got mixed reactions at work.  Some of them liked the original and some liked this.  Do I listen to what other people say about my nails?  NO!  I wear what I love, regardless of season or opinion!  I can see these as lovely bridal nails!  Anyone for "something blue"?  Thanks for looking and commenting.  I have been lazy with my responses to comments, but I am making a conscious effort to improve!  Believe me, I read and love all that you have to say!  See you next time.