Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun with Embelishments

I don't have a whole lot of rough days at work, but today was one of them.  I have been doing my job for 12 years and sometimes I wonder why.  Then something happens and I remember why.  It may take a few somethings to balance out today.

Sometimes the hubby questions why I spend so much time on this crazy hobby.  It is because, after a day like today, I can come home and create.  Creating, even on such tiny canvases that are going to disappear in a couple of days, makes me happy.  It allows me to let go of those things that can cause anxiety in my life and relax.  I think he understands.

Okay, now that I have that out of my system, let's get to the nails!  I have joined a new challenge.  Yes, I know I am a little insane....maybe more than a little?  It is hosted by Lisa at My Stunning Nails and the Facebook group Blogger Bragger.  It is a weekly challenge, so it is easy to fit into the rest of my schedule.  Come join the group to join in on the fun!  Today's prompt is embellishment.

This is very simple, but I am very proud of it.  You will see why later.  First let me tell you about the base.

Finger Paints Hue Brighten My Day with flash
Finger Paints Hue Brighten My Day artificial light

This is two coats of Finger Paints Hue Brighten My Day with top coat.  Without top coat, it has a bit of a texture.  I don't know what they were thinking with the name of this full coat micro glitter.  The only thing I can figure is the silver and blue glitter shining through the gloomy moss green.  No matter what they named it, if you like moody fall colors, check this one out.  It is unusual and gorgeous!

This earthy color just called out for a nature inspired embellishment.  I often look "outside of the box" for nail embellishments, and I found this in my jewelry making supplies.

I took these metal leaf drops, cut them apart and (gently) bent them to fit the shape of my nails.

I am not a huge embellishment fan, but this I would wear again (and again).  The only thing I would do differently is attach the leaves with nail glue, instead of top coat, and not added top coat over it.  There are a lot of bubbles in between those veins!

Check out the other embellished tips HERE!  And thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Gorgeous color from Finger Paints! Really nice leaf charm too!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Since I like dark, moody colors, it is right up my alley!

  2. What a beautiful polish, and crafty idea for the embellishment!