Thursday, December 12, 2013

Black Friday Haul

I rarely post polish hauls, but what came in the mail last week was too good not to share.

This year's Black Friday shopping was tough for me.  Why?  Limited budget and too many nail polish sales.  I had to be very picky.  I limited myself to only two indies and one "non indie" brand.  How did I choose?  Well Zoya was having a great special where if you purchased $72 in product, you got the largest Dream Box for FREE!  Since Zoya is my favorite brand, this was a no brainer.  As far as the indies went, I chose to purchase only from indies I did not already own.  I also purchased some of the Bundle Monster plates while they were on sale, plus a 10% off valued customer discount I had from my last order.  So guess what showed up at my door, all in one day!  Wanna see?

 Epic nail mail!  I seem to have missed one package in the pic, but don't worry, you will see it's contents soon.  The of the bubble package on the left is some stamping plates that I had preordered some time ago from Vivid Lacquer.  There was a special unexpected surprise in there too, an extra plate!  I hope to get them on the blog next week.  The bubble package on the right is the Bundle Monster plates.  I purchased the 2010 Revised Collection, which has larger images of their first release.  The first set from 2010 has miniscule full nail images.  However, I have always had a soft spot for them because they were my first stamping collection purchase.  Needless to say, when I heard they were re-releasing the collection with larger images, I was ecstatic!  The box in the middle is one of the indies, Wonder Beauty.  And of course, there is the HUGE box from Zoya!  So ya want to see the polishes I got?  Sure you do!  First up, the indies.

Wonder Beauty, from left to right:  Vortex, Funnel Cloud, Storm Chaser and Cranberry (my first thermal polish!)

I Love Nail Polish Mutgen (H)  and Birefringence (H).  Look at that multichrome (which they call Ultra Chromes)!  And the (H) means that it is also holo, as you can plainly see in the pic on the right.  Be still my beating <3!

And finally what really made my heart sing!  Beautiful polish gives me the warm fuzzies, but FREE gorgeous polish?  Words fail me, so let's make up a new wollies.

This was what I purchased to reach $72.  Zoya Remove + is my all time favorite polish remover.  It makes removal easier, conditions my cuticles, AND smells so good.  I have been wanting to buy some of the HUGE refill bottles and I also needed a new pump since one of mine died.  I added two of the Fall Pixie Dusts, Carter (left) and Chita (right).  These will both be featured soon!  Now on to the REALLY good stuff.  Here is EVERYTHING I got for free!

Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator (regularly $7.50.  I haven't tried this yet), mini Color Lock System (Remove +, Anchor Base Coat, Armor Top Coat and Fast Drops, a $22 value) and another 2 oz of Remove + ($4.60 value).

On to the REALLY exciting stuff, the Cheers To All Dream Box!  Twelve glorious colors and not a one already in my stash!  It is valued at $96!  Want a closer look?  Just know before you go on that I was so eager to get these pics taken, I couldn't even wait for the condensation to clear from the bottles (everything was practically frozen in the box).

 Left to right:  Ziv, Timo (in my wishlist), Black Swan and Dream (another wishlist dweller).

Cassedy, Payton (Wishlister), Sarah and Anaka

Dakota, Stacy, Rekha and Noot (another one on my wishlist).

So shall we figure this all out?  I spent just under $78.  The value of of all the free goodies....over $130!  Have you done the math?  Over $200 worth of product for a little under $78!  That's like getting over 60% off!  Plus I have a gorgeous box I can nestle all my favorite Zoyas in.  Now if I only had a mani cave so I could display them.  

Getting these packages all at once gave me that rare feeling that I used to get on Christmas morning as a child; unabashed joy!  Hot woolies all around!

Did you get any good Black Friday deals?  Any of them polish related?  Tell me all about it....go ahead and brag!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. You were smart on that Zoya deal!! I should've done that, stocked up on Remove+ and gotten some free polish! Gah, what was I thinking? I specifically did not shop on Black Friday, as I shop too much the rest of the time. I'll keep this in mind for a future Zoya promo tho! :)

    1. Arathael, I was only going to get a couple of polishes from indies, but why not stock up on Remove+. I was really lucky that I didn't already have any of these in my stash!

  2. Great haul you got during Black Friday!

    1. I really had to hold myself back, Lisa! There were so many great nail polish deals out there!

  3. Score on the Zoya!

    On BF I went for the ILNP holiday pre-order & BOGO at Shirley Ann Nails followed by most of The Lady Varnishes anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show collection & some on sale Vivid Lacquer polishes on the 1st & a bunch of LynB's & just released Vivid Lacquer plates on Cyber Monday. Yep, I'm a HO! lol

    Why do I have images of sweating sheep running thru my brain?

    1. That is a good question Inky! I really did want to go hog wild, but finances are a little tight right now and it wouldn't be fair to tell the kids that we are having a small Christmas and then splurge on myself!

    2. Yeah, kids can be funny that way. LOL
      You're gonna LOVE the ILNP Ultra Chromes, holo & original. I don't do much, if any, nail art on them cuz they are so beautiful!