Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It Isn't Easy Being Green

I think I jinxed myself!  Back in October I stated that I felt I had hit a new high in my nail art.  Now I feel like I have hit a new low.  This is the third mani in a row that I have ended up kind of "meh" about.  Not really a failure, but not what I imagined or even what it could have been.  The prompt for the Falling Through the Rainbow challenge is "green".  Shall we see?

I was going for a fall look, but I just ended up with a muddled mess.  It started good, but ended bad.  I am going to show you every step, so this will be pic heavy.

 I started with one coats of Nina Beige A Vue.  This is one of my favorite browns, not too dark and not too light.  And did you catch that this is one coat?  Please forgive the mess.  I refuse to clean up for every pic, so you will have to accept it or leave :)

Next I added one coat of China Glaze Fast Track.  This is another favorite that I find myself turning to often.  It is a thin nude filled with with a gold shimmer.  Sooo purdy!


Here's where it gets fun!  Using some surgical clamps, I tore off a tiny bit of a kitchen sponge and added several different colors, changing the sponge bit between each one.  You can do this with tweezers too, but the clamp makes it sooo much easier.  I think I purchased these online somewhere.

First I sponged with Julep Chloe, a reddish brown shimmer polish.  I hope to be swatching this on it's own pretty soon.

Then it was Revlon Muse who joined in the party :)  Muse is a light "army" green creme that, when sponged on, looks a bit translucent.

Next came China Glaze Cast A Spell, a dark green filled with green glitter

A little shimmer, a little creme, a little glitter, of course I had to add some holo!  It came in the form of China Glaze OMG a UFO, a dusty green holo.

Finally came Mentality Hope, a gold metallic matte polish.

Add a little top coat and all the shimmery,, holo glittery goodness could have partied all night!  I really loved this!  Then made a bad decision.  Stamping.  Really?  Stamping usually brings it all together and makes things better!  Not this time!

I stamped with Sugar Bubbles SB 016 and Mentality Foxy.  There were a few mistakes I made.  The first mistake was that I didn't pay enough attention.  I started with the image shown, then halfway through I used the wrong image, the one right next to it, and being the perfectionist that I am I had to remove it and stamp again.

Foxy, however, is a holo stamper and when I tried to remove it, it left behind a lot of holo shimmer, which muddled the sponging.  Also, Foxy was too similar to Julep Chloe and kind of got lost in the sponging.

So what do you think?  Did you like the sponging?  Like my step by step pics?  Is it a total fail?  Let me know what you think!  And visit the other greens!


  1. OMG what pretty nail art, you look a nail art expert, I can't ever make such pretty nail art even in my dreams.

  2. China Glaze fast track...such a pretty shade and dear, you have done this amazingly :)

  3. Awesome NOTD Tina.. Loved the step by step piccys.. gives me the courage to try this even when I'm no nail art expert :)

  4. This looks amazing :) Lovely NOTD :)

  5. looks interesting.. it has come out well too.. a pretty detailed post as well <3 loved ur blog n im ur new follower :)

  6. thats very pretty...and unique as well!

  7. Looks nice. I really like the China glaze polish with gold shimmer.

  8. I actually think it turned out pretty well! I love such step by step tutes. Keep them coming! Xx

  9. failure? oh no it looks really pretty to me!

  10. I've done some checking, and I'm pretty sure you're completely insane. This is gorgeous!!!! Absolutely gorgeous, and I'm going to replicate it, so there!

  11. Why u aren't happy u did an Awesome mani. It can be a good background too , I see some fall leaves here n there will made it prettier. I aso like ur exp. I thought u did saran wrap first :-)