Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nude/Brown Holo Comparison

When I received the Julep Maven October and found Cynthia inside, I realized I would have to do a comparison post.  I mean, how could I not with at least two other nude holos?

This is Julep Cynthia, 2 coats.  The top photo show the holo a bit better, which is surprising because usually it is the flash pics that pick up the holo.  In the flash pics the holo particles just show up as silver.  Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if a holo is linear or scattered with those loose linears.  This is no doubt a scattered holo.  Now for a little comparison.

Here we have the following:
  • Index - Above the Curve Diablos 2 coats
  • Middle - OPI DS Classic 2 coats
  • Ring - Julep Cynthia 2 coats
  • Pinkie - Butter All Hail the Queen

 Above the Curve Diablos is the odd ball here, being a purple leaning brown with a linear holo.  OPI DS Classic is a gold leaning nude with large linear holo particles.  Butter All Hail the Queen is a deeper nude with small (think teeny-tiny) scattered holo particles.  If OPI and Butter spent the night together, Cynthia would be their offspring, a nude base with large scattered holo particles.

Hope this little comparison was helpful....or at least interesting.  As always, thanks for looking and commenting.