Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Favorite Pattern

Today's prompt for #crumpetsnailtarts 33DC is "favorite pattern".  When I saw this, I knew what I wanted, I just had to find the right stamp(s).  My favorite pattern is brocade.  Yes, yes, I know brocade is a fabric.  I know because, even thought my wedding was in August, I still wore a brocade dress, and all these years latter, I still would!  Maybe something a bit like this:

Wedding Night :) source

There is just something about this fabric, the weight of it, the contrast of sheen and matte, the intricacy of pattern!  Throw some color in there and you can get all kinds of beauty!  

There are a lot of stamping patterns out there that look like brocade fabric.  What I really wanted was something that would not look the same on every nail, so I started looking through my plates, and look what I found!



If you look closely at the larger pattern, you can see the smaller heart/swan/whatever pattern in there.  How perfect!  Until I got a hold of it!


Can you see what I did?  Yep, I stamped the larger image upside down!  That is what I get for doing my manis at midnight!  I still like it though.  Lets see what this contains.

I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Leather Loose.  This is my favorite from their Leather Luxe collection, and yes, I have almost every one, they are matte after all!  They really need to add more like this sparkly matte lovely to their line up!  (Oooh, alliteration, I love it!)

Next I stamped with PUEEN02, PUEEN24 and Maybelline Bold Gold.  Although I could have left it matte, I decided to add top coat, just to seal it all in and make the gold pop.

Not only did the gold pop, but Leather Loose became this sparkly brown goodness that reminds me a bit of Crows Toes Christmas Crow.  I feel a comparison post coming soon!

 Just looking at these pics makes my OCD tendencies scream, "Do it again!  Do it over!" but it is the day before Thanksgiving.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  So enjoy my imperfect favorite pattern and check out the other faves.


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    1. Thanks Cazzy! I thought you might like them!

  2. I'm OCD, too! And, I just found out... if you accidently stamp wrong... immediately use a sticky lint roller & it will lift it up without damaging your nail polish.... YAY!!!

    1. Suzy, you are my savior! Must try that next time I stamp!