Sunday, November 3, 2013

Still a Bit in the Halloween Mood

So I know that Halloween is over, but I still have a few in the folder so you may see some more from me.  This is for the Crumpet's 33DC 2 patterns.  This also qualifies for the Adventures in Stampings plates that end with a 1.

This started with two coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff on thumb and ring.  All the others were two coats of Julep Chloe, a nice frosty brown with slight red undertone.  Watch for swatches of this one one coming soon.  

Then I stamped on Chloe with BM-323 and Revlon Copper Penny.

Then I stamped with my new favorite brown stamping polish, Manicurity Foxy and my new favorite Halloween image from Sugar Bubbles SB 001 .  Look how solid this is!  If you remember a while back I swatched a bunch of Manicurity plish and found out that one of my bottles was mislabeled?  It was in fact Foxy.  If you want to see full swatches of Foxy, because not only does she stamp well, but is beautiful on her own, check the post HERE.  She is the one marked Raucous.

I purchased some Sugar Bubbles earlier this summer.  I love them, they stamp awesome, but they are a b***h to clean.  The edges of the images are sharp, good for stamping, but shreds everything I use to clean.  Hopefully I will find something that works without shedding fibers all over soon, because I love the images on every plate I purchased.  If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

 Don't you just love that pile of skulls?  Yep, me too!  Check out all the other double patterns.


  1. Me likey!

    For some of us, every day is Halloween!
    Yes, it's a day on the calendar, but it's also a state of mind. LOL

    1. I am of that opinion myself! Thanks Inky!