Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Moon Mani for Light of the Moon Nails

This is the 3rd mani for The Nail Challenge Collaborative's Halloween theme.  I already have two other Halloween manis to show you, but they are going to be a little late.  I absolutely loved how this turned out, so it is going to be pic heavy.

 This is my light of the moon mani!  If you have checked out my new Facebook Page you have already seen this.  But for those that haven't and those who want to see how it was done, this is for you.

Artificial Light
With Flash and Out of Focus :)

This started with three coats of my favorite Halloween/fall polish, Crows Toes A Christmas Crow.  Yes, it is from her 2012 Christmas collection.  Yes it is my favorite fall polish.  Yes, I wear it year round, spring, summer, fall and winter!  It is just that kind of polish!  Two coats would have been appropriate, but you know me, I love me some depth when it comes to glitter, even though I planned on covering most of it up.  

I LOVE this polish....just like EVERY SINGLE Crows Toes polish I have in my stash!.  My feelings for this polish know no bounds.  When I apply this, it sounds like a crowd watching fireworks in my head....wait....the fireworks aren't in my head....the sounds are (tee hee).  It is a dark brown jellie (yum) filled to the brim with color shifting (oooooh) gold/orange/red/green micro glitters (ahhhh).  It looks like the sparks thrown off by a campfire or the night sky on a foreign planet.....which bring me to what inspired this mani.


This little blog is called "Light of the Moon Nails" for two reasons.  One, I almost always do my nails at night, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, and two, I have always been fascinated  by the moon, it's always changing, ever the same and oft surprising visage.  Waxing (and waning)  a bit poetical there.  Please forgive me.  What better way to show my adoration for the moon than to give it a place on my tips.

After the fire of A Christmas Crow came the moon made with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening, my go to yellow.


Next I attempted to do my first water spotting technique with Sinful Colors Cloud 9, a sheer shimmery orange.  It was a good idea and would have been great if I had done it successfully.  As it was, you can see some of the spotting on my ring and middle finger.  I then sponged on Julep Nan with a moistened/torn kitchen sponge.   Please forgive the lack of clean up, I am too lazy to take care of stray polish after every step, even if I am taking pictures.

After that, the hard....or more like messy....part was done and all I had to do was add some trees with my black striper, including an extra tall one on my middle finger.  Yes, that is supposed to be a tree, not a cross.  Now for some photo spam!

Well, what do you think?  I love it!  Of course I see all the little imperfections.  I wish water spotting would have turned out better.  I think the trees are horrendous, but I don't care.  This mani makes me feel all mushy inside, it is such a perfect representation of me and my blog.  I may have to do a moon themed mani for every season now!

Thanks for looking, reading and commenting!  Don't forget to check out the other Halloween manis.