Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3D or Not?

Today's theme for the CNT 33DC is "3D".  I decided to go a bit different.  When I think 3D, I think of something that is flat, but doesn't look like it is.  You know, 3D movies, 3D photos, etc.  I chose to try and create that kind of look on my nails.  Don't know that I fully succeeded, but I don't think I totally failed.

Do you see it, the depth in this?  This mani is partly a tribute to one of my favorite indie polishes, Contrary Polish.  All of the colors in this are from their Love Lyrics Collection released this past spring.  I purchased every color but one in that collection.  The one I skipped looked like other polish I already had in my stash and it took ALL my willpower not to get it just to complete the collection, but I was trying to stick to a polish budget (seems like I always am....I need to win the lottery LOL).  All the colors are a dusty shade and they all go together PERFECTLY!

 This started with two coats of Contrary Polish Better Together, a greyed blue....or blue leaning grey....however you see it :) with aqua blue micro glitters that give it a gorgeous shimmer.  I love this color!  Why wouldn't I?  It is a dusty color with shimmer, what's not to love?

Next I added dots in verying sizes with Contrary Polish Play me (purple) and Somebody Loved (pink).  To create the 3D effect, I added a thick coat of Seche Vite, allowed to dry and added more dots.  Finally I added a final coat of Seche.

 I may try to do this again, only with an even thicker top coat (maybe Poshe?) or two layers of Seche between layers....maybe just more layers?

I really like the idea of this....kind of like when they imbed things in acrylic nails.  I don't know if the idea fully translated onto the nails, but I may have to visit it again.  Can you tell I am a bit ambiguous about this mani?

As always, thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. How creative!! Love this idea and love the manicure too!! And the colors are gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks Elin! I love every single one of those Contrary Polishes!