Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brains in the Attic

Good morning all!  This is going to be a rare a.m. post!  I have been overdoing it recently with three challenges going on, preparing to host a challenge next month, along with getting ready for my 1 year blogiversary giveaway.  All this means late nights, or in most cases staying up to the wee hours of the morning.  It all caught up with me yesterday and, although I had a couple of things to post, I went to bed at 6:30 and slept straight through till 4:00 this morning!  Early mornings are a rare thing for me and I would love to enjoy it by posting a long rambling post, but Bria gets up early and will be greatly upset if she can't go on Twitter before going to the bus, so I have to make this fast (tee hee).

 This is the second mani for The Nail Challenge Collaborative's Halloween challenge.  Brains in the attic!

It all started with two coats of The Lady Varnishes Bog of Eternal Stench.  This has to be one of my all time favorite Halloween polishes!  It is a "boggy" green jelly filled with brown green and copper micro glitters, green and copper hexes.  Pause for morning routine.....

.....I'm back.  Bria's OCD just won't let me get away with not letting her do her morning Twitter routine.  Really, it is just easier to let her use the computer for 40 mins than to throw her whole day off.  Oh, let me ramble a bit, I am not a morning person!  Even when I have had a full nights sleep and waken refreshed, just leave me alone!  I think that is part of the reason that I wait until everyone is gone for the day to get out of bed.  With Bria and hubby both trying to talk to me while I was trying to go through my blog reading on my just made me want to snuggle back in bed to read, but I resisted and put on my happy mommy/wife face until everyone was gone.  Even the dogs were trying to get my attention (as always).  Devin (my 16 yr old son) is the only one who understands me....or maybe is like me.  I'm lucky to get a few grunts from him in the mornings....and he waits till the last possible moment to get out of bed too.  Anyway, back to the nails!

I have a "thing" for odd greens, so I absolutely LOVE Bog of Eternal Stench!  Plus it is inspired by a favorite movie, The Labyrinth....David Bowie in package hugging leggings, whoo hoo!  By the way, the stamped pics are after 3 days of wear!  Hardly any tip wear even!  I started out by stamping gold spiderwebs from BM13, my favorite web design of all the ones I currently own.  The idea was to have black webs with a gold shadow, so I went with a subtle gold....but now I can't remember what it was :(  I have to get better at taking notes on my manis.  What the hell is with that longer middle nail!  I swear that thing grows faster than all the others!  Okay Tina, get back on subject!

After stamping with the black webs, I realized that the gold just wasn't going to work and the black did not show up enough, so I went back and stamped with Konad white.  

Next I used the stamping decal method with Apipila AIS plate, OPI My Vampire is Buff (scull) and a forgotten pink polish (brains).

I guess I must have liked this, because I took a ton of pics :)  These are just a few.  I can't believe I got a post done before getting ready for work!  Even with a morning routine break!  

What do you think of my Zombie snack in the attic?  Have you tried the stamping decal method?  Let me know!  Thanks for looking, commenting and generally putting up with my morning blabber :)



  1. Brains! Want brains! I too am NOT a morning person. Mr Inky says it's due to needing to wait until my brain oil heats up enuf to get my thoughts a poppin. LOL If it weren't for DIY decals, I'd rarely have stamping on my nails. I just can't quite manage to get consistently good transfers of the polish to my nails.

    1. Yep! Using diy decals takes all the anxiety out of stamping, plus gives you a chance to make it your own by adding color. Love love love this technique!