Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Mind, It Is a Changin'

Earlier this week I used Maybelline Color Show Dotty and talked about how much I hate their packaging.  Then I happened to be in CVS with a 25% off coupon and saw The Mabelline Color Show Gilded in Gold Brocade collection and ended up with 5 of them, yes FIVE!  What can i say, I am a sucker for cheap polish.  I knew I wanted to get swatches up as soon as possible, because these are limited edition and I see them going fast.  If you make it all the way through the swatches, I will reward you with some nail art too!

The Maybelline Color Show Gilded in Gold Brocade polishes are not quite glitter bombs, but awfully close.  Each one of the ones I purchased seem to have different formulas, so I will discuss each one individually.  All swatches were topped with one layer of Seche Vite.  Let's start with the one I like the least.

Artificially Light
First, let me say that my pictures do not do these justice.  They are much more "sparkly" IRL.  This is Beaming Blue.  I wanted to show you how this could look with different uses.  Here is what is on my tips above.
  • Pinkie - one coat 
  • Ring - one coat over SOPI Opening night, a dark blue metallic
  • Index and middle - two coats, no undies

As I said before, this was my least favorite.  It is a clear base filled to the brim with a duochrome shimmer that is blue in most lights and lilac at some angles.  I just could not capture the shift as blues always freak my camera out, however you can just barely see it in the shadow of my nails on the bottle.    It also has different sized blue hex glitter.  

The formula on this was okay, just a bit thick.  The glitters spread pretty smoothly with just a little bit of clumping and balding.

Artificial Light


Next is Lavishly Lilac.  This was the one that was hardest to capture in the pics.  If you look at the bottle you can see the gold shimmer.  IRL this polish is completely filled with it.  This is a lilac base filled with that gold shimmer, purple and blue hexes and magenta micro glitter.  Here is what is on the tips above.
  • Pinkie - One coat
  • Ring - One coat over Sinful Colors Who's the Gloss
  • Index and middle - Two coats
The formula on this was not as thick as Beaming Blue.  The glitters spread well and with two coats there was no balding.  In the pics it looks sheer, but IRL the gold shimmer makes it very opaque.


This is Emerald Elegance and the name totally fits.  This is my second favorite of the ones I purchased.  It is a dark green jelly packed with green and gold shimmer and slightly lighter green hexes.  

For some reason, none of my artificial light pics turned out.  Well they were not up to my par as they didn't really show off the glitters and did not represent it in the least so you only get the flash photo.  

This was probably the easiest to apply.  It went on like butter.  All of the fingers are two coats this time as one coat was totally opaque.  Of course I applied two coats to get it more depth.  Can you just see this one paired with a red glitter or holo for a Christmas mani.  Maybe even with a gold added in.  You will definitely be seeing this again in December.  This has become my favorite emerald green polish.  Soooo glittery and deep.

Indirect Artificial Light
Artificial Light

And next we have Embellished Blues.  Be still my heart!  Who doesn't love a glittery dark denim blue?   I know I do!  This is a dark blue jellie filled with gold and blue micro shimmers and blue hexes.  Once again, I just wish I could have captured the true beauty of this polish, so if you like the pics, just know that you will LOVE the polish.  

Again, because of the darkness of the base, there is no reason to layer this, so there are two coats on all the nails.

Now here is the kicker, the formula of this unique and completely different from all the others I purchased.  It dries with a textured finish!  It is reminiscent of the Zoya Pixie Dusts!  In the pics I used top coat, but it really has that texture that is so popular right now.  

It went on with no problems and if I could only purchase one out of the bunch, this would be it!

Artificial Light
Indirect Artificial Light

Now we come to the final polish, Amethyst Couture.  I have mixed feelings about this one.  I love the color and mixture.  I have purchased a couple of purple glitter filled black jellies, and this is what I wanted them to be like.  The purple glitters are a plum color and it has a spattering of gold micro glitters.  The problem is that the base is too thick.  It doesn't allow the glitters to shine through like they should.  It also makes application a bitch.  The lateral edges of my nails are deep, so it was hard for me to get this polish to the side edge of my nails without getting polish all over the skin.

The outcome is that I really want to like this one, but I know it could be so much better.  Maybe if I add some thinner next time?  Ready for some nail art?

This started with a gradient of Emerald Elegance and Amethyst Couture.  This was done at about midnight, so I forgot to take a photo of the gradient on its own.  It really is a shame that you can't see how pretty this was on it's own.

I stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and BM-208.  It makes my obsessive side so very happy to use all Maybellines in this mani!  

Next to the purple in these pics, the green looks a bit teal, but not IRL.   

So what do you think of this collection.  I happen to really like them.  Do a little web search to check out the other colors.  Hope you had a great weekend and see you again tomorrow.



  1. Wow, these are gorgeous!! O_O
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    1. Thanks Ashesela! They are even more beautiful IRL!

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