Thursday, October 17, 2013

Inspired By.....Curtains?

I can't tell you how happy I am to have Bria's tips back on the blog.  I have missed her, have you?  Today's prompt for CNT 33DC is "Based on a pattern in your home". 

 I have had this prompt in a previous challenge and wanted to do my curtains but didn't have a stamp I thought would replicate it close enough.  Several plate purchases later, that has all changed!  Here is what inspired this.

So I know it looks like this has a gradient to it, but no, it is just the silky fabric reflecting the light from the flash differently.  It really is all that lighter purple color at the top.  Also, the pattern looks like it is lighter, but in real life it is a lightly greyer purple than the base.  The different fabrics just did some weird flash reflection.  I wish I would have seen this pic first though, it would have been fun to do a gradient too.

 Bria has been shaping her own nails and definitely likes the oval shape.  We started with two coats of Julep Gabrielle, a gorgeous, deep, greyed plum.  This is so color saturated that it could be used as a stamper.  In fact I probably could have used just one coat, but I went with two because that's the way I roll

I then stamped with PUEEN21 and Julep Blakely.  I am going to make a dupe post soon with this and a couple other color shifting greyed purples.

This so perfectly matched Bria's pajama top (which she was wearing when we were completing this) that she wanted me to take a pic with it.

It's your turn, dear Reader.  Are you glad to see Bria's nails back on the blog?  Send her some love in your comments!

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