Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CNT 33DC - Abstract

I had ideas....and then I had plans....and then the day flew past and I had nothing, so I am posting my "untried technique" as my "abstract".  I figured they were abstract french tips.  Now I have to come up with another new technique....but I have ideas.....and I have plans.  (tee hee)

This started with two coats of Sinful Color Cold Leather from their Leather Luxe collection  Watch for swatches of these coming soon.

 Next I used a fan brush and added swipes of Wet n Wild Toxic Apple.  I purchased both of these at my local Walgreens and swatched them next to each other on a nail wheel and knew they needed to be paired.  Watch for a swatch of WnW Toxic Apple coming soon.

 Next I swiped on Avon Blue Royale, which is one of their suede polishes.

 Finally I added a little more WnW Toxic Apple to the tips.  So what do you think?  Does it fit the theme?  Do you like that Sinful Color Leather Luxe polish?  Thanks again for looking and commenting!



  1. I love the subtlety to this, and the appearance of texture. :)

  2. I think this turned out really well. I like how it looks sort of grunge and rough but still put together.

    1. Oooo, I like grunge! Simple but dark and grungy.