Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Zombies....Oh My!

Home sick from work today, so I am doing some catching up while watching previous seasons of Supernatural on Netflix to prepare for the new season.  Can't wait!

The prompt for today's post is Zombies.  I was happy with this before I saw the pics.  Now I realize I should have added some "blood".  Oh well, there is always next year.

I started with a full mani under this.  You will see it later today.  Then I covered it with two coats of Ulta Set the Nude and one coat of Seche Vite.  The great thing about this mani is that I did not have to worry about clean up!  Now you can see how sloppy I really am when I do my nails.  Then again, this polish is a huge cuticle flooder.

I waited until everything was dry to the touch, but still dentable and then pushed everything up from the base of my nail.  The idea was that nails still grow when you are dead so a zombies nails would be nice and healthy at the ends, but what was growing in would be....well, icky.  

The mani I had underneath  I had underneath had a glitter gradient, which I hoped would show up since I had it on for two days before going over it with this, but when I pushed up the polish, everything went with it.  Oh well, lesson learned.  Next I sponged Mentality Rebel, a matte brown polish that I will be reviewing this weekend, on the tips and up onto my fingers.  I thought it gave a perfect "dirt" finish.  Like I said, I wish I would have added a bit of blood.  Guess my zombie has not given in to the flesh eating thing yet (tee hee).

Bria allowed me to use her as a "victim".  Once again, wish I had added blood.  Oh well.  Check out the rest of the zombies.


  1. Very creative and perfect representation of zombie nails!! I don't even miss the blood! I too am catching up on last season's Supernatural on Netflix...saved last nite's episode on DVR till I finish reviewing. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks Kimett! Already on the mend but now the hubby has it. At least he handles it better than I do! Yep, watching the new episode today sometime. Finished last season yesterday, kind of dragged it out so I would finish it within a few days of the new season. Now I am kind of savoring that I get to watch what happens with the fallen. Okay, I will stop fangirling!

  2. Ewww, likey! Actually, nails do not grow after one dies. What happens is that the skin shrinks as it dries out & exposes the part of the nail bed that is usually covered. This can take several weeks, so one can see where the erroneous myth of nails growing after death came from. Feel better soon! <3

    1. Makes total sense! Shows that I fall for those myths. That is why I watch Mythbusters (tee hee)