Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rainbow Butterflies

This weekend is going to be all about revamping the blog, but before I start, I wanted to finally post my last mani for the Falling Through the Rainbow challenge.  The group has already seen it, but maybe you would like to also.  Last prompt is, of course, rainbow.  I had a lot of ideas, but settled with a little stamped gradient.  Seems my nails are still refusing to move into a winter mood!

 I just have to say it...."How cute is that!".  The stamping isn't the best I have ever done, but I like the gradient.

This looks like a complicated gradient, but it is not!  I made this using only three colors.  Of course, I started with a base color.  I didn't want things too bright, co I used two coats of OPI Peace Baby, a sheer cream color.

I striped a wet sponge with the following colors:
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening (yellow)
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red (, red)
  • Sinful Colors Endless Blue (, blue)
 It takes no genius to know that red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, and  blue and red make purple, so I just striped the sponge with red, yellow, blue, and then red again.  When I sponged it on, I went up and down the nail a little to mix the colors and wallah, rainbow out of 3 colors!  Color science, it is amazing!

Finally I stamped with BM-424, from the Bundle Monster Create Your Own collection.  When I first heard about this collection, I thought you got to pick what images you wanted (tee hee).  Turns out that it is a collection with images made by nail artists, the ones who use the plates.  The butterfly wing has been done before, but they all have their own take on it.  I have at least one more plate with a butterfly wing image on its way to me, so it will be nice to have at least two images to work with.  Why?  For some reason it bugs me when every nail looks the same when I stamp.  Guess I like consistency in everything but my stamping :)


In the meantime, I just rotated the image on the middle two nails to create some variation.

And as always, I liked my thumb best, so here's a HUGE pic where you can see a bit of staining around the cuticles, the dog hair hanging off the side and how much I need to moisturize (tee hee).  Thanks for looking!