Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So Much to Come!

There is a lot coming down the pike for this little space on the blogosphere.  This month marks one whole year of blogging for me.  I can't believe that a small Konad purchase (which my husband encouraged and I remind him of it often) blossomed into such an amazing "hobby" (think obsession) for me.  

In the coming weeks, expect to see a challenge hosted by me for one of my Facebook groups, Nail Art Challengez.  My first hosted challenge and probably not my last!  Also the Crumpet Nail Tarts 33DC is still continuing and I will be having a GIVEAWAY.  I have been collecting polishes and getting sponsors for months, so it will be somewhat substantial with indies, mainstream brands and even some chances to choose your own polishes.

In addition, I am thinking of running a nail art contest on my new Facebook page, but I want to make sure there is interest.  This would not be a "popularity" contest, but judged by myself, family and friends....with maybe a vote winner too.  If you think this would be something that you would be interested in (participating or voting) let me know in the comments.

And Finally, I hope to do some remodeling around here, if I can ever nail my computer guru down long enough to let him know what I want.  Maybe I can bribe him with a steak dinner :)

Whew!  Do you think I have enough on my to-do list?  That is why my final mani for the Nail Challenge Collaborative October challenge is a bit late.  I had sooo many ideas for Halloween manis, which is why I was involved in several challenges, but I didn't get to most of them.  I think I have one more to show you after this one, so the haunting season is not quite over for me (or you) yet (tee hee).

This was Bria's Halloween nail art.  She has a skull ring that she wore all October (see the pic below) and wanted a mani to match it.  I didn't really want skulls on all her nails, so we gave her some hellfire flames with skull accents.

I started with two coats of Dandy Nails Bound to Fail.  I let Bria choose her color for the base and was so glad she chose this.  Bound to Fail is one of my all time favorite greys.  If you want to see it swatched, check the post HERE.  Such a complex and interesting polish, it is not at all boring, like some greys can be.

Next I stamped with Apipila AIS A and Sally Hansen White On, which gave a sorta ghostly skull.  Then I stamped the tips with Sugar Bubbles SB 007, Revlon Pop Star, a blue magnetic polish, and Revlon Captivate, a gorgeous copper polish, perfect for stamping!

Finally I dotted the eyes with a little red polish that I forgot to write down.  A final pic with the ring that inspired it all.

If you are still in the mood for spooky nails, check the manis below!

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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  1. So happy to see another Halloween mani - I've been getting withdrawal symptoms! These look great! Also, if there's a challenge, count me in :)