Thursday, May 1, 2014

GOT Flowers Nail Art

I have such a busy night!  I am going to see my son's band (The Sliders) for the first time this evening.  He is 16 and he and his bandmates have been practicing their fingers off.  I can't wait to see them "live".  He also has a concert later this evening too, where he plays the cello in orchestra and guitar in the jazz band.  All that to say that this is going to be really quick!

The Golden Oldie Thursday prompt is flowers.  You may have guessed that already (tee hee).

With Flash
Artificial Light

This started with two coats of OPI Wooden Shoe Know It.

Then stamped with MoYou UK 82 and China Glaze Poetic.  Both WSKI and Poetic haven't graced my tips in over a year!  Why?   I purchased WSKI on a whim without checking swatches.  In the bottle it is a beautiful muted brown filled with gold shimmer.  On the shimmer.  I hate it when that happens!  Not that it isn't a lovely brown....but expectations can sometimes ruin a good polish.  Poetic?  I have other metallic pinks that stamp a bit better than this one, but it is beautiful as a base, so....I guess I have no real good excuse to let this languish in my drawer!

Here comes the pic spam!


Feel free to have a look at the other GOT flowers!  Thanks for looking!