Thursday, May 8, 2014

GOT Neon?

Today's prompt for Crumpet Nail Tarts Golden Oldie Thursdays is neon.  Neon?  I didn't get into neon until recently, so I did my best. 

Neon pastel pink?  Is it neon?  As close as I can get for over a year old and already worn.

With Flash
Artificial Light

This is a very old polish that I purchased off a blog sale.  If I remember right, it was released in late 90's.  This is Orly Surreal Satin.  In the dreaded macro pic it shows all kinds of brush strokes, but IRL, it is a matte that seems to glow from within.  I actually like this, even though it is a frost.  Maybe because it is a matte polish and you know how I love me some matte!

Next I added some studs I purchased HERE from Born Pretty.  I will have more products from them soon!  Check the end of the post for my discount code.

I love these studs because of the size, color and shape.  They are not too big and not too small.  As an aside, the bump on my thumb is from a failing nail patch which has since given way.  Yep, the nubbies have returned!

Unfortunately, because this polish is a matte and I did not want to top coat it, the tops of my studs ended up with little top coat blobs.  I use a dotting tool to add a blog of top coat where I want the stud, then it is easy to pick up the stud with whatever top coat is left on the tool.  Because I usually top coat my studs to make sure they are secure, I never noticed what a mess using this method leaves on those precious little studs.  I guess it is time for a "picker upper" tool!

Despite the somewhat sloppy look, I really like these "punk Barbie" nails (tee hee).  If you are interested, use my discount code for 10% off your Born Pretty purchase.  Right now their holo polish is 44-57% off (they have some gorgeous ones), flocking powder is 48% off, texture and thermal polishes are 20% off and plus tons of other discounts in their "Specials" category.  

Thanks for looking!