Friday, May 16, 2014

GOT Texture - OPI Stay the Night

Today I am going to show you the polish that started my whole texture obsession, OPI Stay the Night.

With Flash
Artificial Light

OPI Stay the Night is from the Mariah Carey collection released in January of 2013.  This was the first Liquid Sand polish I ever purchased and sealed my love for textures.  A black textured base filled with magenta glitters?  Yes please!  This is three thin coats.  Since the black base is a jelly to let the glitters shine through, the first coat will look totally ineffectual, like it will never reach an opaque state.  Stick with it and you will end up with this.  In my eyes, it is a lava flow with berry sparks in its depth.  When you first apply this polish, it is a bit glossy and has a VERY rough texture.  Don't worry though, my experience is that the texture "smooths out" very quickly.  I always do my nails at night.  By the time I wake up in the morning I no longer feel like this will snag everything.  OPI really needs to come out with this same base with yellow and orange glitters!  HEAR ME SUZI?  YELLOW AND ORANGE.  It would make the perfect Halloween polish!

Directly After Application
Five Days Wear

Being that this was my first textured polish, I had some doubts as to how long it would last on my tips without any top coat.  Above you can see my results.  Very little tip wear after five days.  I will admit that I am not rough on my nails.  My kids do the dishes and typing is the roughest thing I do with them, but still, this is pretty impressive!  

Since I am running a bit behind on my challenges, there will be several posts in the next few days.  Hope I don't overwhelm you!  Thanks for looking!


  1. That is a pretty texture. Love how the red bits are showing through here.

  2. This one's been my very first textured polish. It's its fault if I fell in love with textureds, it's the only one to blame! And what if I tell you I've bought it only in order to use it topcoated? XD Weird things...
    BTW I do really agree with you. Suzi! Yellow and orange. And neon green too, please, for me :D