Thursday, May 22, 2014

GOT Maybelline Downtown Brown

Today's post is for The Crumpet's Nail Tarts Golden Oldie challenge.  The prompt is "with bling".

Blingy enough for you?

I started with four coats of Maybelline Downtown Brown.  I really love this polish, but hate having to use so many layers, especially for a such a small bottle of a limited edition shade.  You could get away with two layers, if you don't mind a bit of VNL, or three if you aren't taking DMPs.  This is a gorgeous chocolate brown filled with a shimmer that shifts from green to blue.  The blue does not show up often, but when it does!  No wonder why I am willing to use so many coats!

I then sponged on one of my all time favorite glitter polishes, Glitzology Sherwood Forest.  Another beauty that has been discontinued :(.

Finally I added some ellipse gold studs from Born Pretty Store.  These come from my all time favorite stud wheel.  You can find it HERE.  Feel free to use my code, MNQX31, for 10% off.

 I ended up really liking this combination!  the brown and green, the shimmer and the glitz.  So purdy!

Don't forget to all the bling-bling done by the other girls!  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. That brown has some interesting shimmer in it. Looks good with the glitter and studs you added.

  2. Love it! That glitter is amazing!

  3. I really like that shimmery brown and the green glitter together!