Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finger Food Rainbow and AIS Tiger = Obsession

I have an image of myself.  I am romantic, but not cutsie.  Dark, but not morbid.  Alternative, not disco.   I am "Supernatural", not "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".  Hayley Williams, not Beyonce.  "Seven Psychopaths", not "The Hangover".   "Amelie", not "Titanic".  I am artsy, not crafty.  I am a little off...but in a good way.    My animal totem would be a wolf, a bit of a loner, but part of the pack and maybe a little misunderstood.  But I am more vampire than werewolf.  My blog will never be stark, but it might be a bit minimalist.  I am not animal print, I am lace.  Fall, not summer.  I am oxblood, not neon.  So then why the hell do I love these so much?!?  What does this say about me?!?!

Every time I glanced down at these, it made me smile, grin and skip.  Maybe because it brings me back to my childhood with its Lisa Frank-ish feel.

Don't let the pictures fool you, these are neon, bright and obnoxious.  A gradient of China Glaze Loves a Beach, Celtic Sun and Splish Splash could do nothing other than scream "LOOK AT ME!"  That is bad enough, but I took it a step farther.

I added tiger stripes.  This is just unnatural.  Why does it make my heart happy?!?

What caused this adorable abomination?  Finger Food Buffet rainbow prompt combined with Adventures in Stamping International Tiger Day.

My eyes!  But I can't stop looking!  I want to show random people on the street!  What is wrong with me!  Maybe my view of myself is totally wrong!  Who knew a bit of nail art could cause such self questioning.  Running to remove it before I start questioning my whole existence.  Gotta go.


  1. OMG! Thanks for the chuckle! I love the Lisa Frank reference - it's so true! These are great! I am kind of surprised by your analysis of yourself that you would even have neons in your collection, but I am glad you do! These are great and will be promptly pinned. :)

  2. Love the fun rainbow gradient underneath the tiger stripes here.

  3. Nice way to combine the two prompts!