Friday, July 25, 2014

#OMD2 Roses

I am just hopping in and out of challenges all over the place.  This one is Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux Challenge.  This is a world wide challenge with prizes!  Now I have jumped in at the very end of the challenge, so I have some catching up to do.  However, not all of my nail art will be posted here, It will be on my Instagram account.  Why?  Because blog posts take so much more time and effort than Instagram.  Do you follow me on Instagram.  If not, click on any of the many links in this post to jump to my account, that way you can see all the manis.  Want more info?  Look HERE.  But don't spend too much time away, because I have some lovely nail art for you!

Simple, but lovely, don't you think?

With Flash
Atrificial Light

I started with two coats of Loreal Gel-Lacque Elegance Is Innate.  Can I just say I LOVE this.  Sure I have other dark dusty blues like this, but they are nothing like this!  This is two coats WITH NO TOP COAT!  Soooo shiny!  You can see from the bottle that this is a step two of a three part system, I just used my go to base, OPI Nail Envy Matte.  After this pic, I used my go to top coat, Seche Vite.  Although I do not have a pic of it, I wore this by itself for three days before stamping with NO TIP WEAR!  I have tried other "gel" polishes, but this Loreal is the best that I have tried!  Do I need to use any more exclamation marks?!?!  If you have these in your area, run out and get some now!  They don't have a very large color selection at this point, but hopefully they expand it.

Next I stamped with Mo You Mother Nature 05 and Sally Hansen Color Foil Leaden Lilac.

A word about stamping with the color foils.  My squishy stamper didn't work well.  The Konad stamper worked great, as long as you worked fast, which makes this image perfect as it is random and it doesn't need to be perfectly lined up.

Yup, another one that I love!  This image will definitely be used again.  Check out the rest of the roses HERE!


  1. Great roses stamping here! I like how swirly they are. Just followed you on instagram too! ;)

  2. Very pretty! I love what you did!