Saturday, July 19, 2014

Second Recreate for NCC

For my second recreate for The Nail Challenge Collaborative, I stuck to the color scheme, despite it being "fallish".  When I read my original post (which you can find HERE) I remarked that this would look cute with some tree trunks growing up out of the glitter "leaves".  That's what I went for here.

I really like how these turned out, just the kind of thing I had in mind with the first post.

I started with two coats of Dollish Polish Bonnie (the partner of Jindie Nails Clyde).  It is a tan with gold flakies with a nice thick formula, which might be good for stamping.  Haven't tried it yet, so who knows.

I stamped randomly with Messy Mansion MM38.  Can I just say something about these Messy Mansion plates?  They squeeze more images onto one plate than I could ever imagine.  Seriously!  The full nail images are huge, plus you get all these little detail images.  No wasted space here!  The plates are larger than your typical round at 7mm diameter, compared to the average 5.5 mm of plates like Bundle Monster and PUEEN.  I cannot begin to recommend the Messy Mansion plates enough.  Plus, they now are distributing from the states.  They can be found on Etsy HERE or Amazon HERE in addition to their website HERE.  You can watch for restock info in their FB group HERE, where they often show the new designs they are working on.  Just sayin' favorite plates ever!  We now return you to your regular programing.

After stamping, I added some OPI Fresh Frog of Belaire to the tips and a little in the branches.

Did the same with LynBDesigns Imperial Topaz, an orange and yellow full full coverage glitter that seems to be discontinued.  As an aside, while searching for this polish at Jenna's Etsy shop, I noticed that two of my favorite LBD's are in the "retirement home" at a reduced price.  If you don't already own them, I would seriously consider picking up You Are the Brute Squad and Don't Torture Me, both of which can currently be found HERE.  Back to the original programing, blah, blah, blah.

Finally, I added Orly So Go-Diva, a LARGE metallic brown glitter.  All of the glitter was applied with a tiny bit of sponge.

I love how this ended up looking, all sparse fall trees.  Who's got the rake?!?

Know it is not seasonally appropriate, but when did that ever stop me?  Fall is my favorite season, after all and will soon be upon us!

Here is old vs new.  Can I just say, what is up with that thumb nail?!?  Thanks for looking and commenting!  Don't forget to check out the other recreates by our lovely ladies!


  1. These turned out gorgeous! I just love it.

  2. This is amazing! Great stamping and the glitter is a wonderful touch!

  3. These nails are an artwork *___*

  4. WOW! This is really neat - It would take me forever to get that kind of detail! What a great job!

  5. Wow! Can I just say that these are so gorgeous! Seriously, I would frame these! (ok, that's not meant to be creepy, I promise!) Love it!