Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tried with Untried Comparison

Only one more prompt for the Never Ending Pile Challenge and then we are taking a break.  Today's prompt was a fun one for me, dupes!  I finally have a huge enough stash that I have dupes!  The funny thing is, I find that I am always drawn to the same types of polish...same color, same shade.  For a long time it was corals.  I grabbed every coral I found.  Right now it is neon pinks, even though I rarely wear them.  I have a problem.

My untried is Loreal Sexy In Sequins, a dark purple texture with gold, green, silver, pink and purple glitter.  I am wearing two coats here.  This polish is da bomb!  Problem is that I have three others that are very similar.  Seriously, THREE!

With Flash

Here's the line up.  All are shown with two coats:
  • Index - Finger Paints Sparkle In The Sky
  • Middle - Loreal Sexy In Sequins
  • Ring - OPI Alcatraz Rocks
  • Pinkie - Julep Glam Roc

As you can see, Sparkle In The Sky and Alcatraz Rocks are more blue leaning.  The OPI gives better coverage and has more depth of sparkle.  Texture is better too, smoother.

Sexy In Sequins and Glam Roc are the real dupe contenders.  I personally like the Loreal better, both for price and for formula.  It has chunkier glitter, which I love, and applies better.  Do I need all four?  Nope, not since I am trying to whittle away at my collection.  Which ones are going into the blog sale/giveaway pile?  Sparkle In The Sky and Glam Rock.

These are your nails.  These are your nails on dupes.  Any questions? Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Great comparison! There both really nice.

  2. Between the dark ones, I do really prefer L'Oreal. I quite envy you 'cause here in Italy such L'Oreal bottles aren't available!