Saturday, July 26, 2014

#OMD2 Outdoor Nail Fail

Before I show you anything, I want to state that I am not happy with this.  However, I wanted to show you because I got some good images of how I do gradients.

There are so many things wrong with this, the first being that the background is too dark.  But this is what I really want to show you.

Look at this mess!  But I have a surefire way to clean this up.  See that white stuff at the edges?  That is masking fluid.

Masking fluid is a bit like PVA glue...except it is much better.  I apply it with an old small paint brush.  It dries wicked fast.  It is very strong, so it is easy to remove.  Often I can pull the whole piece off in one fell swoop.

And here is the result of removal.  I did absolutely no clean up here, just pulled the masking fluid off.  LOVE it!  Just a couple of suggestions though.  First, it is impossible to remove whatever brush you use, so keep this in mind.  I just use the same brush every time.  Second, you have to be careful not to touch you fingers together, as the masking fluid sticks to itself like....something really sticky.  It dries fast enough that you can probably do one nail at a time if you want to, but I kinda like sticking my fingers together to aid in removal.

And here is the nail art.  I tried stamping with grey first, and didn't like the results, so I went back over with black.  Just not happy with the whole thing.  Oh well, can't succeed every time!  

Thanks for looking and commenting!  Oh, and you can find the other "outdoorsie" nail art HERE.



  1. I like dark and mysterious the gradient is! Love the design on the pointer nail the most!

  2. I understand if it didn't turn out how you had in mind, but I still like it!