Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NEP Boutique Cult Nails

Today's prompt for The Never Ending Pile challenge is boutique.  There was a lot of talk in the group about what defines "boutique".  It was generally understood (at least by me) that boutique was like an indie, in that it is one persons vision, was not hand poured but created in small batches by a lab or producer.  Several names were passed around.  Cult Nails was one of them in addition to Picture Polish, Deborah Lippman and Femme Fatale..  I have several Cult Nails and a couple of Picture Polish in my stash, but all of have been used.  Luckily, I just recently preordered Cult Nails Refined & Polished collection, so I had three new Cults to choose from! 

I only used one though.

With Flash
Artificial Light

 I started with three coats of Cult Nails Intriguing.  Intriguing is a periwinkle very loose linear holo.  I could have used two coats, but I always add an extra for the DMP.  Also of some note is the fact that my top coat (Seche Vite) dulled the holo.  Still like it anyways.

Here is a pic in full sunlight with top coat.


This lovely blue was just calling out for some delicate lace, so I stamped the tips and full nail on ring and thumb with MJXX.  Then I added some silver detailing.  I used the rose image from QA46 on thumb and ring with Sally Hansen Silver Swift.  Finally, I stamped along the french tip border with the wavy lace edge from the same QA46 plate and Silver Swift.

I ended up really loving this, despite my poor stamping and some image smearing.

I am definitely warming up to the accent nail thing, although it still is not my preference.  Sometimes it is totally appropriate, like with this mani, where I want to use a full image but don't want to totally cover up a beautiful base.  I think the silver along the french tips added a lot too.

What do you think?  Does the black lace emphasize the delicateness of Intriguing?  Feel free to check out the other boutiques and thanks for looking!


  1. What a lovely holographic polish! Love the color on it. Nice stamping too.

  2. Great combo! The lace fits perfectly this subtle periwinkle holo beauty *___*

  3. Gorgeous! That Cult polish looks a lot like EP April 2014!

  4. Your manicures look so wonderful, especially this one!
    I’ve just discovered this blog and I love reading it <3
    I’m looking forward to see your next article ;)

    Xx julia

    1. Thanks Julia! I hope you enjoy and are inspired!