Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Never Ending Llama Pastel Water Marble

Too. Many. Challenges. Must. Combine!  Wonder nail powers activate!  Form of water marble! Color of pastel!  LOL, I must be tired because that cracked me up!  If you are a child of the late 70's, you may understand that reference.

You may have deduced the themes for this.  If you haven' aren't paying attention!  Llama Nails prompt is water marble and The Never Ending Pile is pastel.  How could I not combine these two?

I am getting more proficient at water marbles, but I still feel like I have a ways to go at getting the really purdy designs.  Practice makes perfect, right?  Here are the colors I used:
  • LVX Legendaire - Untried pastel purple
  • LVX Cliquot - Pastel pink
  • Orly Cochella Dweller - Pastel Green
  • Sinful Colors Just You Wait - Untried shimmery sheer purple/pink/gold shifter

See what I did?  Two untrieds, two...uh, tried...two challenges.  Aren't I brilliant?  Well, maybe not (tee hee).  Thought I would tell you how well these did for water marbling.  
  • Cliquot was the best with good spread and good coverage (how well it showed up in the marbling)
  • Legendaire spread the least, but still did a good job.
  • Just You Wait was a GREAT spreader, but ended up hardly showing up at all.
  • Cochella Dweller spread REALLY well.  Almost too well.  It aided in spreading the other colors, but had it's downfall.  See how it is "balding" a bit in the rings?  When I was making the designs it had a tendency to break up, which meant you couldn't play with the design much without ending up with a mess.  I would definitely use this in a water marble again, just use two or three drops for each ring for more coverage.  Make sense?

When I showed this to Bria she was all like, "Ooooo, Easter eggs!" and I was all like, "Must get egg pic!"  (tee hee)  

Mood rock says I love this.  What do you think?  Take a look at the lots-o-links.  And comment if you want to.  Tell me if I sound as giddy as I feel!  I think I will go make some bacon popcorn now.


  1. That had me cracking up from the start... Lol.. Actually had me laughing out loud.. Then my husband wanted to know what was so funny... So of course I had to share.. Then we were both cracking up... oh yeah, nice nails by the way.. Lol.. They really are very pretty... I have yet to be successful at water marble... So kudos to you... Lol... I love how you are combining the 2 challenges... You've done a great job...

    1. Thanks! I was laughing out loud myself. Glad I wasn't the only one as it often happens. My co-workers call me She Who Laughs Alone :)

  2. What a pretty pastel water marble!

  3. Very pretty! Nice job combining two challenges in to one mani! :D

  4. I have nominated your awesome blog for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

    1. Thanks Dawn! With participating in 6 challenges this month, I may not get to it for a while!

  5. Love your marble with the pastel colors. And what a brilliant idea to knock out 2 challanges.. you go girl lol

  6. I know u r so gud in doing justice to all challenges. . This is perfect water marbling

  7. Clever girl! Your combo for both challenges turned out beautiful! Good thinking :)

  8. Go Tina Go!!! Your flame out in the end should be spectacular. LMBBO