Monday, April 7, 2014

#TGPNPC Never Ending Pile Glitter Maybelline Street Art Nighttime Noise

I am so excited about the new challenge from The Glittah Pirates Facebook Group, The Never Ending Pile Challenge.  The idea is to only use untried polish for all the prompts.  Since my pile continues to grow by leaps and bounds (the hubby is starting to question my sanity), this is the perfect challenge for me.  Of course this does make challenge #6 this month, so maybe the hubby is right!

Today's prompt is glitter, very appropriate for The Glittah Pirates!


So I am not a huge glitter girl.  I do have several in my stash....they just never end up on my tips.  There has been a huge increase in the glitter in clear base polish from the main line producers this spring, China Glaze Surprise collection, OPI Spotlight on Glitter and multiple glitters in the Muppet Most Wanted collection.  A clear based glitter has to be really special for me to spend money on it, and when I saw Maybelline Color Show Nighttime Noise from the Street Art collection (Really Maybelline, can you make your polish name any longer?), I knew I would be cracking the piggy bank for this one!


Of course it helped that I went to CVS specifically to pick up some more Maybelline Bold Gold as my favorite gold stamping polish was getting a little low AND they were having a buy-one-get-one 1/2 off sale.

Nighttime Noise is a clear base filled with multiple sizes of black hexes and several shapes and sizes of electric blue matte glitter.  So stunning!  Since I love the blue and really wanted it too pop, I layered it over a black base.  This is one coat plus some daubing to make sure there was a good coverage of those voltiac blue glittah!  Admittedly, application was not the best with a lot of glitter dragging, which meant lots of glitter at the tips and little at the cuticle, which explains the daubing.  Don't care!  I love this dynamic glitter!  Oh, it also needed two coats of Seche Vite for glitter burial.

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  1. This glitter is awesome! I love how vibrant the blue is.